Project cars!

the ongoing project…Chris’ 1991 Volkswagen GTI-TDI


The pride and joy of Schnell Snail, and where the shop gets it’s name, This mk2 GTI began life as a humble 8V model. It was aquired for short money as a parts car, however it became the receipient of a 1Z from a 1996 Passat. The modification list is extensive. Winner of the Radical class at the 2012 TDIfest in Ypsilanti, Michigan where it made the 800+ mile trip in less than 11 hours on less on a tank and a half, shaming “muscle” cars the whole way!
The GTI has evolved!!!
Now CJAA commonrail TDI powered using our TiSchSpiegel CAN interface! The only EDC17 CJAA running off a CE2 fuse panel!

1979 Audi Fox coupe 1.6TD swap


Chris aquired this rare and clean Audi Fox from a friend who lost interest, and decided to continue with the original plan of converting it to diesel power!! The drivetrain was sourced from a 1984 Volkswagen Quantum Turbo Diesel, and includes the sought after TD 5spd transaxle!